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My name is gentle and I am living in Jhansi. I’m about 20 years old. Today I am going to tell you all the greatness of the most painful fuck of my life. I have only kissed a few boys in my life. The first was my boyfriend. Who had sprayed my pussy all night in my friend’s marriage and dried my pussy after sucking my pussy. And the other my uncle’s son gave me a chadha in my house. When my uncle’s boy had me fuck me, it seemed that my pussy was torn off and my cheetahs were completely loose. But in that fuck I enjoyed a lot. Friends, I never imagined that when I did not get any lumps then I would have to chase my brother in law.
My eldest sister was married 2 years ago and she mostly lived in her in-laws’ house. It was a few months ago that my sister was not well enough, my sister called her mother and told her, “Send the gentle for a few days. I have a bad feeling and there is no one to work at home. They will come, then I will get some help too. ” Then the mummy said – “Okay, you send son-in-law to me, I send soft people with them”.

On the next day, Jija came and took me home with me and went away. When I arrived there sister came to see me and was happy. I talked to Sister for a while and then sister said to me – “Go first and do some work then talk again”. I told sister, okay I’ll finish work now. I quickly finished all the work and then I talked with sister for a long time.
After some time, when he came to live, his sister said, “Go and give food to your brother-in-law, and if you want something to say, then call it.” I said okay, I went to give the food to the brother-in-law, so they were only in the endurancewear and their cocks were completely flowering and were clearly visible. When I leaned in front of them to give food, they looked at my cheeches. I just understood that it seems that brother-in-law wants me to fuck. I gave food and walked from there.


Slowly spent a few days, one day I was changing the clothes in my room, and on Sunday that day was the holiday of this xnxx sexy porn, I did not close the door properly. I thought who will come here at this time, here. I was only in Bra and Panti and as soon as I started wearing my clothes Jija Ji came there. I covered the body with my hand. Seeing my brother, my eyes were open, my whole body was being seen, whose cocks were completely standing and they could not stop themselves. They closed the door so I told them what are you doing? He came to me and said to me while roaming my body – “You know that your sister is sick, which has not been able to get her pussy for so many days and my heart is pained to fuck. Seeing you today, I have been more cautious in my mind again. I just want to fuck you once. “Firstly, I refused to them, but then I thought, here I am going to have a fucker, and the house has to go after some days. If I woke up with brother-in-law, then in this xnxx video would also get a glimpse of pussy and I would also get a new lund. After some time, I told in xnxx porn  – “Okay but I am only touching you for this, nobody should know this thing”.

So xnxx- “Tonight when all the people fall asleep, then I will secretly come to your room, you keep the door open”. By saying this, Jija ji with his hands pressing my round goal mambo went away.
All the people who had slept in the night fell asleep and I was waiting for them to woo Jijaji. After some time, Jija came secretly in my room and closed the door and sat next to me and grabbed my hands and started kissing and chasing my hands, brother-in-law started moving towards my shoulder towards my shoulder and then xnxx. jija ji was very excited because she xnxx only without talking. I had understood that for a long time they have not got a fuck. As soon as they were drinking my throat slowly my whole body became hot and I too started to get excited. I also filled xnxx porn of in my arms and after some time I also drank his throat and then slowly he started moving towards my lips. As soon as xnxx kissing my lips, I also liked the lips of her lips like the English films, and her lips inside her mouth started drinking. Jija also started in xnxx inside the mouth and drinking it. After a while, when we started coming out of ourselves, then we started cutting tightly to each other’s lips, sticking tightly from each other. jija xnxx pulling my lower lip with my teeth, and along with my mambo also started pressing me. I was having a lot of fun drinking Jija’s lips and drinking it.
After in xnxx for about 30 minutes, Jija told me – “After many days I have had the opportunity to drink somebody’s lips”. So I said – “I’m not a girl, but I understand yes. Otherwise I do not talk to anyone soon …. Leave to talk about ”

After , brother-in-law, my clothes started coming out, and he also removed his clothes. And then, taking my arms up to my cheeks while chasing my waist, and then resorting to my mumbo’s nipple, began to muffle the nipple and then after some time pressing my Chachio. Which I was enjoying, and the fire of my life was getting increasing. After pressing my husbands for a while, they started drinking my boobs and with their hands holding a hand on my pussy was panting above the panties. I started getting more sexually and holding the hand of brother-in-law, started pressing my pussy so that I started crying out of the mouth. In a short time, xnxx also got aroused and started cutting my cheetah and started screaming my nipple with my teeth. Ji se jaar jor .. Ahhh … … Ahhhhhhhhh … It’s a lot of pain … Drink comfortably with my milk. I started crying.

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After drinking my breast for a long time, they removed their cocks and put them in my hands and told me – pick up my cocks. His thick and long dicks were not coming right in my hands. I took his cocks with my hands and took it in my mouth and started sucking. I was sucking his cock on both his capsules. He was also enjoying Jijaji. I used to take his land in his mouth full inside and co-curated with his hand. After drinking his cocks for some time I sucked both of his bullet too long.

After sucking his cocks for a long time, Jija ji gave me a bed and then brought my hand under my hips to my pussy and then removed my panties from my hand. And touching my pussy with my hands, I started touching the pink rash of my evil and then licking my mouth between my two births and licking my pussy and started to finger my pussy together. After a while, I started getting crazy with excitement and started mugging my mumbo. After licking my pussy with my tongue for some time, Jija started to fasten her finger in my pussy to remove the water from her pussy, and after inserting her finger into the finger, she twisted her finger, And it looks like In a while, I started getting out of myself and started getting a shower of water from my stupid sister, Jija ji took my mouth in my pussy and drank water.


Abdi of drinking my pussy, he put his cock in my stomach and gently put it in. And pressing my cheeches, started to fuck me. The first few minutes was facing I do not know anything, but as the brother-in-law were increased speed of your fuck anyway so start pain in my pussy was just that while they fuck me too fast. When fast jija’s cocks went in, my pussy spread out completely and after some time when I came out, my pussy would be closed again.

After some time when I was not able to endure my pain, I shut my mouth with my hands .. Aha: … Oops .. Ahhhh Kkah .. Ohhhh … Ohhho Uhhh … Unhu .. C .. C .. C. C .. Aः from Plissss Aararam is very painful …. Um .. uh .. uh .. am Am Am .. Hmmm … Ahhhhhhh … Ai..a..a..a..ei. Hey there … Essaas … smile uhhhhhh … ohhhhhh … chodododo …. Started screaming But the speed of jiju did not diminish even after so many days, so did not leave the pussy so early. After a while he raised both my legs and then stopped I started to fuck while continuously without he Chodte me and then a few minutes later he pulled jut his cock and then began to die Mut by their dicks on my mouth and In a while, the goods of my cocks dropped on my face.
That night’s fuck was very cool. After that Sister was ill, I gave Jija to my pussy. Which would have liked me too and even they.

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